Course Materials

TPS Materials and Resources:

Finding a Permanent URL:
Bibliographic Organizer:

Example of Organizer:

  1. History of the Program and Why We Are Here
  2. What is the Library of Congress
  3. What is a Primary Source Document
  4. Copyright
  5. Search Strategies
  6. Citation
  7. Permanent URLs
  8. Bibliographic Organizer

Search Photographs and Images

  1. Library of Congress Site:
  2. American Memory in First Box: Click on GO:
  3. Browse Collections by Topic: Bottom More Browse Options:
  4. Browse Collections Containing: Photos, Prints:
  5. Type in Search Term: for example Jamestown, NY
  6. Click on Gallery View
  7. Click on icon "Items from a Multiformat Collection" over the images listed that you want to see.
  8. On the Bibliographic Page Click on Camera for Photos
  9. At thumbprints, click on the thumb for full photo.

Introduction to the Library of Congress

Analyzing Primary Source: Photographs and Prints

Analyzing Primary Sources: Maps

Professional Development Plan Builder:

TPS Quarterly:

TPS Direct Plan Builder: Lexicon of LOC Search Terms: Primary Source Worksheet: Brainstorming:

  • Wiki: Affiliates; Schedule; Resource Page: How-To Guides for citation, permanent Repository for Speaker Presentations; Repository for Projects; Re
  • Project Requirements: Bibliographic Organizer for all Sources;
  • Acknowledge there is a learning curve into a extremely large number of collections at the LOC. Expect dissent. But out of the turbulence, provided we streamline the process for them, they will experience early success.
  • Have LMSs have preprepared URLs ready for teachers to use to get them used to the LOC site.
  • Each project will have it's own wiki page.
  • Pam: Connect already established material, "Night School" to LOC URLs. Have it ready on its own wiki page
  • .
  • Find the "Inquiry Tools" for as much as possible.