Bibliographic orgainzer showing photos from LOC-American Memory Collection: Portrait of America.

This is a project I am doing with a small group of Science 8 students. All Science 8 students at our school devote a serious chunk of time to researching, preparing, and presenting topics having to do with energy resources, energy efficiency, and the development of green energy. I decided to use this as a springboard for the LOC project. To meet the LOC grant requirements, my little group (some have named themselves "the Nerd Herd."), we are now blogging and have just started putting our bibliographic organizers together. We have started analyzing historical phtographs. To give us an historical perspective and to utilize LOC resources, I researched the term "rural electrification" on the LOC American Memory website and found a wealth of information. We plan on interviewing community memebers on how electricity came to this area.